Sarkar samakulam lake is also known as kalingarayan lake, kondaiyampalyam lake and kurumbapalayam lake. It is said that a administrator called kalingarayan ruled this place with all good fortunes. The farmer at that time massive planted sami, ragi ,cholam and very important they cultivated sugarcane in mass scale due to surplus water. Hence it is black soil stills now cultivation of cotton has been a practice. It is said this lake hold Tremendous history which is very ancient..as ancient as mother Kausika River. The Kaalakaleshwara Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, lies on the banks of the Kousika River at Kovilpalayam.

Need of the Hour

The SS Kulam , a life line of farmers situated in North region of Coimbatore is awaiting renovation for long.Even after the bountiful monsoon,the storage level in this vital water body has not been substantial as feeder channels of this lake are in a degraded condition. The lake has been the main source of water to northern parts of Coimbatore which hasbenefited many agricultural lands, schools and IT companies.

An overgrowth of shrubs has covered the canal paths and also the lake. Attributing theapathetic condition of the lake to encroachments and lack of maintenance of the section of Rajavaikal which could not supply waters leading to the dismal storage levels in the lake.

The IT hub of Saravanampatty and the adjoining areas of Thudiyalur, Vellakinar and Keeranatham are mainly relied on the bore wells which lead to the depletion of ground water table now went beyond1500 feet depth. Hence there is an urgent need to restore and renovate the degraded water body to its original glory.

On restoration of this SS Kulam Lake, it will be turned into a habitat of many Unknown water spices and birds which is also being called as Vedanthangal of Coimbatore

Technical Information

  • Total Area                    –        120 Acres
  • North & South             –        2.6 kms
  • East & West                 –        294 mts
  • Capacity                        –        11.83 M.cft (Million Cubic Feet)
  • Lake Bund Distance   –        2.9 kms
  • Gravity of water          –         West – East
  • Canal                             –        4 (2 Main stream 2 sub streams)

There are around 47 species observed and identified so far since 2017.

Source: https://ebird.org/hotspot/L5845450

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